I'll stare directly at the sun but never in the mirror...

While we don't recommend staring at the sun, we DO recommend rocking a sick pair of sunglasses (and checking yourself out in the mirror a few more times than never). And the sunshine is here in full force so it's time for some stand out sunnies!

The world is more comfortable and a lot clearer with great tinted or polarized shades but they do so much more than that. Sunglasses can also help reduce the risk of melanoma, glaucoma and potentially slow the onset of cataracts.

Plus, protecting the skin around your eyes slows fine lines from emerging. We'd rather get our crows feet from laughing instead of sun damage!

Anyway, if you're looking for a badass pair of sunglasses - think King James in his Lapima Martin or Questlove in his Blake Kuwahara Chambers - come by for a visit at Coles & Keys Inc. and have your new pair of sunglasses in hand within 10 minutes.

Have a prescription? Just as awesome! Bring it in and we will order lenses customized to your style and needs. Best of all, we edge them in house.

We've got you and your eyes covered.



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