Look through our lenses

You want to see the world as clearly as possible- we're here to help! We carry the complete portfolio from Shamir to ensure that we have all of your lifestyle needs covered. Distance, reading, computer, progressives, polarization, tints. You name it, we've got a lens for it. Advanced technologies for impeccable vision and resilient coatings to keep up with everything life throws at you.
At Coles & Keys Inc. you loving your eyewear is what matters most. We strive to provide the most exceptional product and Shamir was the best choice for us hands down allowing us to stand behind our products and ensure that the most innovative and premier technology reaches our clients. We care about how you see the world.
Shamir - A Leading Innovator in Ophthalmic Lens Technologies - US
Looking for myopia control? We also offer Miyosmart by Hoya, the leading lens technology to assist in myopia control for your kids and teens. If your doctor has recommended myopia control, we've got you covered!