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You want to see the world as clearly as possible- we're here to help! We carry the complete portfolio from Hoya Vision to ensure that we have all of your lifestyle needs covered. Distance, reading, computer, progressives, polarization, tints, myopia control. You name it, we've got a lens for it. Advanced technologies for impeccable vision and resilient coatings. And did we mention they are one of the last independent lens manufacturers in the game? Forget the monopoly. At Coles & Keys Inc. you loving your eyewear is what matters most. We strive to provide the most exceptional product, while remaining and supporting independent. Hoya was the best choice for us hands down allowing us to stand behind our products and ensure that the most innovative and premier technology reaches our clients. We care about how you see the world.
Vision Products | HOYA Vision Care
Hoya uses cutting edge technology with their surfaced SV and progressive lenses called Binocular Harmonization (BHT) which ensures that your prescription is exact according to the needs of each eye. Ultimately this provides you with the most precise visual correction ie: you get to see the world clearly and comfortably.
With Hoya's ID technology, you're getting a precision progressive lens option that caters to your individual prescription and fit of your frame.
Boosted lenses such as the Sync give that little boost we need for phones, computer, reading and easier focus. Great for those not quite ready for a progressive lens.
Looking for myopia control? Miyosmart is the leading lens technology to assist in myopia control for your kids and teens. If your doctor has recommended myopia control, we've got you covered!
Hoya's EX4+ coating provides extreme scratch resistance, dirt, oil and water resistance and a stellar anti-reflective property that offers the maximum visual clarity.
When it comes to blue light, the Recharge coating filters 25% of trasmitted blue light from screens, and is perfect for people who suffer from digital eye strain when using your computers, phones and other devices.
Hoya also offers a wide variety of sunglass options, tints, polarization, mirror coatings, Transitions and Sensity. Whatever your vision sun needs are, we can find the most practical and aesthetically pleasing option.