It's a tale as old as time...

A talented, adorkable fitness obsessed optician meets a wacky yet dark, 
Jim Henson obsessed eyewear enthusiast and BAM, instant soul friends.
Ok, so maybe it's not a tale of old, but it is one full of whimsy
and a whole lot of laughter.
Black and white photo of co owners Nikki and Nicole sitting on a couch in their shop smiling

Coles & Keys Inc. is co-owned by soul friends Nicole and Nikki. Our dream was to bring a few of our favourite things together: stunning hand crafted independent eyewear, lush and vibrant storytelling and our passion for helping incredible humans like you find your best vision and showcase your personality.

Your eyes give you the most incredible view everyday so why not frame them perfectly? We offer something truly different from your mall bound "glasses store".

When you shop with us, you will not only be shopping local and supporting our vision, you will be supporting independent eyewear designers and lens labs.

We believe in product that makes their mark on the world with a creative vision and not with a corporate monopoly.