Show me that you're one of a kind

You travel your own road, you have your own story, you are one of a kind, so of course your vision needs are unique.

In this world we live in there is a lot of call for our attention and we find ourselves multitasking; we work, we socialize, we have hobbies etc. 

Using Hoya lenses at Coles and Keys we aim to find the perfect lens choice that will allow you to efficiently do everything you need to without worrying about your vision.

When you sit down with Nikki or Nicole we will look at your prescription, then have a chat about what is really important to you in your day to day life.

Are you an avid reader? Awesome, tell us about that. Kindle or paper?

What do you do for work? Ok, lots of computer and customer service? Perfect, what does your work space look like?

Hobbies? Hiking, hockey, painting? Nice, let's find something that won't hinder your vision when you have to look down for rocks and footing; Let's find a lens coating that helps with fogging; Let's make sure the coatings don't change the colour you are using. 

Your glasses live your life with you, let us help you find the lenses that add to your life and take some stress away.

Whether it is a computer lens that also allows for you to be able to look up and talk to a client, a sync lens that give you a magnified boost to help focus and reading or a great pair of progressives that offer all zones of vision with the least peripheral distortion possible. Customized sunglass tints, polarized lenses or a pair of single vision lenses to crisp up shows at the theatre or a hockey game.

We look forward to getting to know you!

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